Personal Empowerment Cards
Having a negative self-image can impact upon all areas of your life from relationships to your career. If you intentionally start to think of yourself in a more loving, positive way, what you think becomes true. These 30, fun, pocket sized cards which come in a drawstring bag are ideal to carry around, stick on your fridge or keep in your car. Pick out 2 or 3 at random every-time you need a boost. Today I am a Fun, Trustworthy and Loving friend - what are you?

Rainbow Meditation Cards
These beautiful cards enable you to break the cycle of thinking too much. Based on The Happy Starfish's own unique colour meditation the cards work in two ways. They each contain a stunning colour image which allows vibrational colour healing to take place and the reverse contains a specially written affirmation which gently clears the mind. Each card relates to the properties of the colour and links to a chakra & contains positive & negative aspects of being imbalanced, along with information relating to complementary crystals & essences. The cards come in a drawstring bag and full instructions are included.

Mindfulness Meditation CD
This meditation CD is to accompany the Starfish Meditation course, but can easily be used on it's own as an introduction to mindfulness meditation. These meditations are recorded to help you build a meditation practice in your life. Do NOT listen to this CD whilst driving or operating machinery.

Mindfulness & Gratitude Journal
When beginning a mindfulness practice it is recommended to keep a daily journal of your experiences as you go about your day and during your meditation sittings. This book has been filled with quality pages to help you record your experiences and enable you to look back over time to check your well-being. This book is double sided, simply flip is over and you have the perfect beginning for a personal gratitude journal too, a space to keep a record of those 3 to 5 positive things that today you are grateful for. Gratitude journaling has been proven to dispel negativity.