The Mindfulness Of Breath Meditation

Paying attention to a single focus (in this case breathing) is a way to anchor the mind. We can tug on the anchor by bringing our attention back to the breath at any time. Distractions are seen clearly when the mind is given just one thing to do. We use the breath because it’s always there, always available.

If we become aware of our breathing we are more likely to notice when it changes with our moods. Short and shallow when tense and agree, faster when excited, slow when happy, almost disappearing when we are afraid. We use it like a tool to bring stability to the body and mind when we deliberately choose to become aware of it.

With practice we can use the breath to direct our awareness to different aspects of our lives, to relax tense muscles, focus on a situation that requires attention also to deal with pain anger, relationships and stress. 

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**WARNING **Do not listen to this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery.