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A hug is worth a thousand words

posted 7 May 2015, 10:12 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 13 May 2015, 11:30 ]

By Jennifer Lyall

Dear Mother Earth, I'm giving you a hug today. Since you are too big for my arms to fit around, I will hug a tree and hold you in my heart, will you think of me?

Dear Father Sun, I'm giving you a hug today. Since you are too hot for me to touch, I will hug my son, who's playful smile warms my heart. I will think of your warmth as we hug and smile from deep within my heart.

A hug is more than just an act of wrapping your arms around another. It is a powerful energy exchange that can move mountains of despair and clear piles of fear. 

When you invite a person into your energy field you can uplift their energy and they yours. You can literally wrap your love around them, without uttering a word.

Be present when you hug someone, it is a special moment. To be joined for just a second, your souls dance, your love intertwines and you can truly feel that you become one.

In that sacred moment, no words need be exchanged. For at that time, you speak from the heart and the words just disappear; for the feeling of love that comes with the embrace is worth more than a thousand words could even begin to make clear.

So when you see someone who's feeling a little low, give them the gift of your loving embrace and presence to help them glow.

Eight hugs a day keeps a person healthy- who have you hugged today?