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Everything is energy

posted 7 May 2015, 10:42 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 04:17 ]
By Louise Jensen

Recently I have sadly lost a very close friend. Her death was unexpected & although I had only known her for six months her loss has left a huge gap in my life. The spiritual energy we give & receive govern many of our relationships. Have you people you have known for years but still feel you are skating around the periphery of their lives but with others there is an instant, almost magical kinship which gives the sensation you have known them forever?

So what is energy? The simple answer to this is everything. Alongside sound waves, radio waves & other invisible forms, everything we can see is a form of energy, even objects at rest (i.e. trees, water, rocks etc) have stored energy. To encounter someone close to our own vibrational level, whose soul purpose is in alignment with our own is a beautiful, loving occurrence to be treasured. The flip side to this is we can meet people whose energies do not resonate with our own who inexplicably make us fear, doubt & judge.

We are made up of multi-body systems, with an etheric, emotional & mental layer. Experiences don't just 'connect' & affect us physically or emotionally, when we think thoughts, good or bad, these non-solid forms of energy go into our multi-body system affecting us on many levels.

The key is finding techniques that work for us to release any negative thoughts so they cannot remain in our multi-body system, which can lead to future physical illness & we can, ultimately, move towards peace & happiness. To learn more about energy please see the workshops page.