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An enlightening dialogue

posted 7 May 2015, 10:46 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 04:00 ]
By Sandy Newbigging

When I was first asked by my Spiritual Teacher what I wanted more than anything else I passionately answered: PEACE! He then asked: ‘Great, so if you want peace, how much of your day is focused on making that your living experience?’ I had to be honest and say: ‘I’m really busy right now, so not that much!’ … ‘Ok, so why are you so busy?’ My Spiritual Teacher compassionately asked. ‘So that I can get my body, relationships, finances and life how I think it should be so that one day I can relax and…(I remember pausing as the penny dropped!!!)... enjoy some PEACE!’

With the help of that enlightening dialogue I saw how I was habitually putting my hearts greatest desire on hold. Waiting until I fixed, changed and improved my life circumstances. Trying to feel good on the inside by perfecting my life on the outside. I was waiting for a future feeling that never came. Can you relate to this?

Have you been working hard to get to the mythological place called ‘there’? What if there is here? It has been all the time.

Have you been postponing your hearts greatest desire until your life circumstances are fix, change or improve? If you can relate to habitually waiting for a future that never comes then I urge you to make it a priority to learn how to get back to now, where what you want is waiting for you.

Contentment is the result of letting this moment be enough.

Whenever you notice your mind wanting to make your peace, love or joy dependent on external 'stuff', then make being aware of now the focus of your attention. By giving all your attention to this moment fully, there is no room for feelings of lack. You can discover that now is full. Now is complete. Now is perfect and pristinely peaceful - always. And if that wasn't enough, the even better news is that when you are feeling good, you will naturally be able to perform at your best and create the life circumstances you want. It's a genuine win-win!

Sandy Newbigging