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The impact of coconut oil on Alzheimer's Disease

posted 8 May 2015, 03:52 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 08:58 ]
By Louise Jensen

There has been much in the media recently regarding the benefit of Alzheimer’s patients using coconut oil on a daily basis and subsequently reducing their symptoms.

The Daily Mail has been one publication reporting on 67 year old Vrajlal Parmar who was diagnosed a year ago as being in the late stages of Alzheimer’s. The Mini Mental State Examination that doctors use to measure the progression of the disease saw Vrajlal’s test being unable to be scored, such was the severity of his symptoms. Mr Parmar was, according to his son Kal, unable to wash, dress or toilet himself without help. Yet after taking a teaspoon of coconut oil twice a day for the past 6 months, Vrajlal is now able to go out alone by bus and take care of his personal care needs.

Kal decided to try his father with this natural remedy after hearing of similar stories on the internet.

A theory surround Alzheimer’s is that it is a type of diabetes of the brain and is a process that starts happening at least 10 or 20 years before you start having symptoms.

Sufferers cannot get sufficient glucose into the brain cells (their primary fuel) to enable them to form new memories and think clearly. Without it the cells eventually die. Statistically if you have diabetes you are three times more likely to suffer with Alzheimer’s. When sufficient glucose (usually coming from our dietary carbohydrates) is not available, there is an alternative fuel, Ketones which our brain cells accept. Ketones are metabolised in the liver after you eat medium chain triglycerides which are found in coconut oil

The downside to regularly taking coconut oil are the fats contained can be potentially harmful to the heart, so it would be wise to regularly monitor cholesterol and triglyceride levels if you are taking it.’

There are numerous positive stories on the internet regarding the seeming reversal of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease after taking coconut oil regularly. Please email me if you know of anyone who has personally tried this.

Please note this is not a cure and does not replace your doctor’s advice.

Louise Jensen