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Radiant Raspberries

posted 8 May 2015, 03:34 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 10:02 ]
By Maria Fenn

Did you know that raspberries are jammed packed with powerful antioxidants?

Anthocyanin gives raspberries their red colour. This powerful antioxidant is known to help control the effects of diabetes, and slow the signs of ageing!
Ellagic acid is a key antioxidant found in raspberries; believed to have powerful cancer-fighting properties.

Suffer from bad period pains?

Avoid salt and caffeine, and get munching on raspberries. Raspberries are known to help to relax spasms, and cramps, and even relax the uterus during contractions whilst in labour.

Raspberries; another addition to the medical food kit!

Maria Fenn