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How to Alkalise your Body

posted 8 May 2015, 04:58 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 08:09 ]
By Marcus Julian Felicetti

I have recently submitted to MindBodyGreen an article on the benefits of alkalising your body. And here I will describe practical less well know and very important steps to take to achieve the ideal pH level.

The ideal pH level is 7.35. Most people are actually too acidic. The average people sits at 5.5 to 6.5. This has catastrophic effects on every system of your body.

Do these things persistently and consistently and you will increase the alkalinity and decrease acidity. The benefits will be incredible – both immediate (within a matter of days) and long term.

1. Cut out sugar altogether. Fruit is okay in moderation. But never ever eat any refined or processed sugars – no corn syrup, no agave, no maltose, no aspartame.

2. Eat raw organic fresh vegetable juices in the morning for breakfast. You can buy a juicer that squeezes the juices out of the vegetable, they’re much better. The centrifugal juicers oxidise the nutrients.

3. Practice Yoga with a highly skilled and caring Yoga teacher. The ideal is to work one on one with a teacher who is interested in you and can design the practice around your needs. The practice of Yoga cleanses the acids from the joints and organs through moving the body with love and intelligence, and breathing.

4. Avoid toxic fats like transfats. Fried foods that have not been cooked with coconut oil generally are acidic. So the only oil I recommend you cook with is coconut oil. The benefits of coconut oil are many fold.

5. Essential fragrant oils are highly alkalising. They are the plant essence. This means they have a special frequency that the body and mind recognise. Applied to the air or the body the electromagnetic vibration increase cell resonance. The most powerful fragrant oils for alkalising are 1. Myrrh, 2. Frankincense, 3. Spikenard, and 4. Sandalwood.

6. Sunbathing in the morning sun for fifteen minutes each day plays a very important role in maintaining alkalinity and pH balance. It is best to have a shower before and afterward. This helps to cleanse out heavy toxins in the body.

7. Stop using commercial soaps, shampoos, deodorants, creams, toothpastes and mouthwashes. Not only do the often have a massive chemical load that makes you acidic, but they also often suppress the body’s natural functions like sweating, which actually helps to eliminate acid, and pushes the acid back into the lymph nodes. This can increase the risk of cancer and weakens the immune system.

8. Stop drinking fluoridated tap water. Tap water is crap water. Buy a good quality water filter. Sodium fluoride is a toxic poison that is not fit for human consumption. Chlorine is likewise terrible for your gut and oxidises you.

9. It is a great discipline to twice a week skip your regular lunch meal and have something extremely alkalising instead. Here are some of the most highly alkalising foods you can eat for lunch:

Wheat Grass
Barely Grass
Alfalfa Grass
Kamut Grass
Oat Grass
Cucumber (best taken in the morning or lunch, not at night)

10. Cut right down on meat. Meat is very acidic. Especially red meat.

Marcus Julian Felicetti