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Paint yourself happy

posted 10 May 2015, 04:54 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 05:14 ]
By Sandra Mellors

Intuitive painting, using colour art can often be, on a personal level, a form of art therapy. I have regularly used this method to help release a lot of emotional issues and deal with situations I am going through. Art therapy can help the physical body as well as the emotional. One example of how this has also helped me personally was during a long amount of time being poorly and weak in hospital I used pencils to keep my hands strong.

Bright colours keep me positive. Colours are very meaningful and can change depending on the moment.

I use the colours I am drawn to and mainly use acrylic paints or sometimes oil pastels to create colourful artwork. I really go with the flow and allow the paintbrush to paint and go where it wants to. This creates lots of different movements. I use long strokes the size of the paper or canvas & short movements too, these also often come out as shapes and it is afterwards that pictures or shapes can be seen.

I have painted red and black when I was upset and angry and often use yellow for joy.

I really recommend this and love to share with others. I am hoping to work with patients in hospitals in the near future. My goal is to help the sick stay positive and have a focus.

Follow my tips to try this for yourself: -

  1. Set the sceneMake sure you are in a relaxed environment. I always start by putting on a chilled out cd.
  2. Choose your colours - Put any colours on your pallet that you are drawn to – don’t worry about what you are going to paint at this stage. The colours you choose may relate to chakras you need to open or life events that have affected you.
  3. Brush strokesStart applying the paints to the canvas until you feel drawn to another colour.
  4. Be open mindedThe colour will give you direction in relation to any thoughts that pop into your mind. For example red can be related to childhood issues that may be unresolved or linked to your financial affairs.
  5. Experiment Try painting with your eyes closed in a meditative state. Paint when you are experiencing both negative and positive emotions and notice how differently the colours and shapes are.
  6. Have funEnjoy it. Don’t worry about what it’s going to be or who will see it.
Sandra Mellors