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How do you create a real home?

posted 10 May 2015, 00:28 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 05:52 ]
By Louise Jensen

Circumstances dictated that I had to sell my beautiful home earlier this year. After 20 years of climbing the property ladder it is quite a strange feeling not to 'own' (aka owing the bank a huge sum of money) anything.

Being totally honest I admit that initially I I felt a fair amount of fear. I knew that financially I could not afford to purchase another property and I worried about the effect on my children. I felt unsettled and knew they would energetically pick up on that. As a mother, naturally, I want a safe nest for my family, some stability and a sense of 'belonging'.

I had thought my home was my forever house. It was where I envisaged myself growing old, a safe haven for my children to return to whenever they needed a bolt hole and regular visits from future grandchildren (if I am lucky enough to be blessed in that department).

As time went on though the feeling of sadness has been replaced by one of freedom. It is quite liberating to have no real ties, no commitment and to be able to go wherever I choose. Life again, became an adventure to be viewed with excitement.

I realised the best thing I can show my children in life is that the biggest foundation, the only foundation, for building a true home is love. Releasing attachment to possessions can be one of the hardest lessons to learn, but once you understand, really understand with your heart, you can start to release the need for the 'stuff'.

Without craving the next thing or letting what you own define who you are, you naturally start to practice gratitude for all the small, organic things surrounding you. This feeling then easily makes transmutes into love, which, after all, is all you need.

I hope my children can make their transition into adulthood secure in the knowledge that although circumstances change, 'things' are just temporary, happiness, real happiness can only every come from within.

Then I will be happy to watch them fly off into the world knowing that wherever they settle they will always have a 'home' straight from the heart.

Louise Jensen