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3 top tips for body confidence

posted 9 May 2015, 00:30 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 05:57 ]
By Cassie Farren

Working as a weight loss consultant, I loved helping people look good. My clients knew what they wanted to achieve, but so many of them had trouble reaching their goals because they struggled with willpower and motivation issues. Even some clients who succeeded in losing weight didn’t gain confidence despite looking and feeling better. Their problems, I began to see, were deep below the surface.

I started working as a Body Confidence Trainer after a series of life-altering events. A trainer helped me take a hard look at myself and take control of my mind and my life. Once my life was back on track, I knew I wanted to help others overcome their challenges.

If you don’t feel confident in your own skin, it can negatively impact every area of your life. It can affect your relationships, how you dress and how you present yourself in life and in business.

Are you stuck believing you aren’t worth the better body you’re trying to achieve? Do you look in the mirror and still see the bigger person you used to be? Have you started to take control with exercise and nutrition but still face challenges? I’ve been there, but I overcame my uncertainties, and so can you.

3 Quick tips for Body Confidence.

1. Define Your Own Beauty - There are so many different kinds of beauty. Once you feel comfortable to say ‘ I see beauty in myself ‘ others will too.

2. What are you feeding your mind? - We all know about healthy foods but what about healthy thoughts ? Be aware of the T.V programmes you watch and the magazines you read. Are they conveying a positive body image? It can be too easy to compare yourself to airbrushed models that don’t reflect a true image of real women.

3. Appreciate the inner you - It can be so easy to focus on what we see on the outside, but research shows that if your opinion of yourself includes not just your appearance but the other things about you- maybe you’re always considerate to others,you have a hidden talent or you are a great friend- you are much more likely to have higher self-esteem.

Cassie Farren