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3 tips for being more IN your life

posted 10 May 2015, 02:36 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 14 May 2015, 05:50 ]
By Andrea Evans

We all have sad days, and we all go through periods in our life that are challenging. We may even feel as though we are on a treadmill, running fast to no-where.

I find in life that as much as I study and practice spirituality, and make it my ritual to live from my heart, I do get a curve-ball every once in a while. And they are always un-expected.

So I decided to ask myself a couple of questions.

What would it feel like to be more IN my life? To stop resisting what life brings, and start embracing it? It seems as though we tend to focus on what we don’t want, or what we are avoiding, instead of what we do want, and what we could challenge ourselves to face. What if we took that energy of resistance and turned it into acceptance? What would that look like? And how might that help us to grow and learn, and let life flow?

Here is what I came up with...

1. Embrace change! Instead of saying to yourself, “I know I should, but...” just do it! I have a friend who is contemplating taking on more hours at her part-time job. She is stuck behind the idea that if she does take on more hours, that will change her identity, and take her further away from her purpose. (She is a very talented writer, illustrator and coach). Trying something new does not change your identity or who you are! In fact, it is opportunity. If you set yourself up for adventure, you are sure to experience adventure.

2. Try approaching situations that you usually label ‘unpleasant’, as pleasant! Turn your attitude around and respond from a positive place, instead of a negative one. In essence, do the opposite of what you would normally do. If you normally dread your Monday morning meeting, and your contribution is that you physically got yourself there, decide to prepare for it with a positive attitude, even participate! Maybe you reach out by sharing an article that may help your team, or a news story that you think may be of interest to others. You could really get crazy and bring donuts (or flax-seed muffins ;)...everyone’s attitude may change...including yours!

3. Be everywhere you are! Did you ever notice that most of the time you are thinking about what you are going to do next, what you forgot to do, or what you want to remember to do? Imagine if you decided to really be in your life? Be present at your meetings, be present when you are making dinner, be present at you child’s soccer game...imagine? Being in our life brings us joy, appreciation and gratitude. You’ll find it also feels satisfying, creates stronger relationships, and makes room for creativity! (You can’t be creative if your mind is always running. Creativity happens when we quiet our mind and make room for new ideas.) If we decide to be in the moment, give ourselves a break from having to solve the world’s problems, and cut ourselves some slack on being a super hero, we will actually be in our life! Remember the phrase, “going, going, gone”? That phrase is a synonymous with life, if we allow it. Stop going for a moment and be in your life! You may find it quite rewarding, relaxing, and exciting all at the same time!

Andrea Evans