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My Sister Makes Me Smile

posted 4 May 2015, 01:49 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 13 May 2015, 07:48 ]

By Gayle Siler

I love spending time with my sister. When we were kids we use to laugh so hard our stomachs hurt. We are still like that. We live in different states, but it all comes alive again when were together.

Last December 2012 we both went on a cruise with our husbands. It was a blast. I earned the nickname "Starfish" from my sister. Just clowning around a few nights on the cruise we poised for some pictures. We both love pictures and had a blast taking them.

The next day we went to look at the pictures from the night before. I told my sister, gosh something looks odd what is it? She said, I don't know. Then it came to me. I told my sister look at my hands, they look like starfish. We fell to the floor laughing uncontrollably!

After pealing ourselves off the floor, we searched for the other ones.... well the next picture had the "starfish" hands too!!! We fell to the floor again laughing. By this time we were drawing attention from the staff. Here we are....

Here's the best one of all coming up. When my sister saw this one....she was hysterical. She said, after her gut busting laugh...here I am... over here, the lonely starfish hiding! Then I lost control laughing.

She bought me a starfish charm for my bracelet. I hope this story made you smile and if you have a sister, you are blessed like I am.

Gayle Siler