Hippie Shake and Kale Popsicles

posted 7 May 2015, 05:57 by Tim Elliston   [ updated 13 May 2015, 11:00 ]

By Yvette Luciano

Most people know that it’s important to add raw leafy greens into their diets. Although there are only so many salads you want to eat in a day. Which is one of the many reasons why juicing and green smoothies are such a fabulous solution.

I confess that I am a major veggie-juice-grrl (not fruit or bottled juice – fresh pressed green veggie juices!). Although I totally understand that some people are hesitant to juice as they are worried about pulp wastage or don’t have the cash flow to invest in an up-to-scratch slow masticating juicer.

This is where green smoothies step in as a perfect solution! Most cocktail (drinks and movie) fans already have a blender in their kitchen and the extra bonus is no pulp wastage, so you get all the healthy-poop-and-detoxifying-fibre.

If you just run a google search, you will find some fabulous green smoothie recipes and ideas (make sure you check out my green beverage queens, Kris Carr and Kimberly Snyder). Although just make sure they are dairy-free as that is not the kind of fattening and unhealthy smoothies that I’m talking about.

At first glance, the recipes probably look a little weird, although I promise you will be surprised how delicious they actually are. To give you an idea, here is my basic and current favourite, which I have affectionately named the HIPPIE SHAKE:


Fist-full of Kale

Fist-full of Spinach

Two stalks of Celery

One Frozen Banana

Half a dozen Ice-cubes

One Mango or Apple

Juice of One Lemon

½ litre filtered or coconut water (otherwise tap water is fine)

Spirulina Powder (energy boost), Avocado (if you want it thick), Parsley (extra cleansing) or Cucumber are all optional bonuses, although not necessary.

Blend the water and green goodness first, then follow with the fruit and blend all together. The first couple of times, you might want to add some extra fruit for more sweetness, although eventually just a little fruit is absolutely sweet enough.


Following a similar method as above, just blend some leafy greens with a banana, some pineapple and mango then fill popsicle moulds.

Freeze then enjoy – so great for hot summer days!

There are so many variations you can try with the popsicles, just make sure the moulds are BPA free.